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Twin Cam Tensioner
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Our Twin Cam Tensioner Pads

The Test

Our test bike was a 2001 Dyna with 13,000 miles on the original OEM cam chain tensioners. We ran another 13,000 miles on our tensioner pads to duplicate the miles and conditions.  The bike was ran on a full chassis dyno. The engine Temperature range was from 230 – 250 degrees at the base of the “V” and the cylinder head temperature ranged from 320 – 350 degrees at the spark plug area.  Our test bike was ran with the Harley maintenance schedule of oil changes at every 5,000 miles.

The Results

Our chain tensioner pads exceeded the OEM Tensioner pads utilizing a high performance Polymide-Stanyl that surpasses all other plastics in high pressure velocity (PV) situations for timing chain tensioners.  It simply withstands the demanding conditions for a longer period of time.  The tensioner pads have lower creep and lower fatigue especially at high temperatures and/or load (PV) conditions, exceeding all other engineered plastics.  PA46 has the lowest coefficient friction of all other Polymide based material when lubricated with engine oil.  Our tensioner pads give you the best wear and fatigue performance substantially longer than the common commercial materials currently used (OEM).  This is extremely important when chain slap starts causing pitting wear. Installing the tensioner pad is easy utilizing the tool that we have created.  The tool easily removes the old tensioner pin and allows for the installation of a new pad and pin which is custom made to allow for peening. Check out the installation page for more info.

How To Replace The Shoe

Note: This should be done by qualified mechanics.  The tool has two reaches for front and rear tensioners.

Removing of old pin and shoe – Place old tensioner on the longest pin (Center) of the installation tool. Rotate tensioner until the shoe pin rests on the bored pin of the same reach.  Drive pin out and remove old shoe.

Installing new pin and shoe – Place pin and shoe in old assembly and place the assembly with headed part of the pin down.  Rotate until it rests on solid pin of tool and then peen.

Spring Tensioner Pad & Pin

This is our tensioner pad for the spring tensioner pads for Twin Cams 1999-2005.

Installation Tool

Our custom made tensioner pin installation tool made to peen over a new pin in your newly replaced tensioner pad.

Hydraulic Tensioner Pad

The newer hydraulic tension pad is made for twin cams 2005- current and also for older twin cams with the upgraded hyraulic billet.

Cam Cover Gasket

Foam covered steel core cam cover gasket for all years of twin cam bikes.

Primary Chain Guide

Twin Cam 1999-2006 primary chain replacement guide. Replaces part number 39965-99. 

Cam Change Kit

Gasket kit used when you are working inside of the cam cover on your twin cam bike.